How My Australia Hoverboards Has Increased Their Conversion Rate By 85% and 4x ROI

My Australia Hoverboards is hoverboard and self-balancing scooter producer and supplier in Australia is Australia Hoverboards. Every time, we work hard to provide products and services of the highest caliber.

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About The Client

My Australia Hoverboards is one of the few hoverboard suppliers in Australia that you can rely on.But in addition to hoverboards, we also sell a wide range of other goods, like skateboards, stunt scooters, and more. Our emphasis on quality and safety truly sets us apart from the competition. We are aware that these elements are critical when it comes to these items, particularly in light of prior safety issues that have been connected to them. However, the fact that we back our goods' quality and safety with a guarantee shows how confident we are in them.


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Overview The Goals

Australia Hoverboards is an Australian hoverboard company that sells various types of electronic bicycle hoverboards to people at affordable prices.

👉 Their goal was to increase conversion rates and bring better traffic ROI.

👉 Maximize conversions to meet or exceed the industry average of 10% .

👉 Get potential traffic from all over the world..

👉 Get more participants for weekly webinars and Zoom call meetings. .

👉 Get everything measurable (performance of all traffic channels) .

The Approach

Australia Hoverboards is an Australian hoverboard company that sells various types of electronic bicycle hoverboards to people at affordable prices.

☀️ Create campaigns for each program for this company.

☀️ Set up conversion tracking (we track everything) .

☀️ Setup Google Ads Remarketing Tag.

☀️ Set up GA4 eCommerce tracking and reporting (we track everything).

☀️ Setup Microsoft Clarity Video Reporting Tools.

Action Steps

Researching the client's sector in order to consider potential internet advertising options was the first step, as it is with all new clients. I determined that Google AdWords would be the greatest option for this customer, so we started creating a plan.A specialized Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign was clearly profitable after comparing their budget (Product sales Acquisition Cost) with the cost of clicks and prospective conversion rates 4X ROI(Return on investment).

First, I create conversion tracking before launching the campaign so that I can measure the results from my campaign and optimize it. I Set Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking(Add To Cart, Begin Checkout and Purchase event with Value via Google Tag Manager). Setup Google Ads Remarketing Tag by Google Recommended  and GA4 Ecommerce Tracking ( Page View, View Items, Add To Cart, View Cart, Begin Checkout,Add Payment Info,Purchase with Purchase value via Google Tag manager ).Setup Microsoft Clarity Video Reporting Tools and Also Reporting.

Next,The following stage of the process involved conducting further market research to discover how the competition uses keywords, user search patterns, and how local people interact with search engines. The Sitelink Extension  callout  extension created all out extension structured snippet extensions and wrote very well description and copy and well designed product image for their campaign along with logo and some videos.With this knowledge in hand, I was able to decide how to promote the client's services for this specific campaign.

Next,The golden rule of marketing campaigns should always be followed next: "Never launch a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page." In order to increase the Conversion Rate (CR) of all arriving visitors, the landing page was designed to correspond with the pertinent search. To continuously raise the CR of the campaign, I ran A/B tests on the advertisements and the landing page.

Niamul Markting agency
Niamul digital marketing Agency


In just one month, my client saw amazing results!

☀️ Conversion Rate of 30-36% & 4X ROI
☀️ An 85% increase in quality Sakes

I was able to assist My Australia Hoverboards in exceeding their goals by paying close attention to research and testing as well as putting effective marketing strategies into action. The successful outcomes encouraged them to investigate what other facets of digital marketing I might be able to assist them with, and they are still seeing great outcomes as their company expands.

Their dedication and professionalism have been instrumental in bringing our new exhibit to life online. MD. Niamul and his staff have been exceptional partners in our digital advertising campaign. Their meticulousness, originality, and strong cooperation have elevated our online operations to new heights. We value their commitment to excellence and appreciate the unique perspective they bring to our advertising strategy. Thanks to their efforts, our new exhibit has gained significant attention and generated a positive buzz online. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with MD.Niamul and his team for future projects, confident that they will continue to deliver outstanding results as their business grows.

Shane Chen

Founder Of Australia Hoverboards

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Niamul digital marketing Agency
Niamul digital marketing Agency
Niamul digital marketing Agency
Niamul digital marketing Agency
Niamul digital marketing Agency
Niamul digital marketing Agency
Niamul digital marketing Agency
Niamul digital marketing Agency

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